2016 05-23

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 7: Your Buyer’s Money

Hello there my friends. Today is the discussion in Sell Or Be Sold for chapter 7. I like the way this blog is starting to formulate as far as a personal development standpoint is concerned. I like the thought of bringing you all as much possible value to better your lives as much as possible.


Anyway,  in this chapter of Sell Or Be Sold it talks about your buyers money.


There is so much money out there in the world today. If people out there find it hard to get money from you then you are going to realize that it is extremely hard to get money from them. That’s just how it works. Money is meant to be used not to be possessed.


Since sales people know that money is meant to be spent, they tend to have a much easier time than the average person getting people to part with it.


When you love your product, as well as love yourself and your service, and you also love your customer then you will learn how to “hard sell”.


The person that you’re prospecting will always want to have more than they are going to want less.


The biggest thing about money is that it’s a mental issue not a shortage issue. People cannot get past the mental block of spending their money because they are going to think there is something out there that they should’ve spent it on instead. that is until they start to see the results.



2016 05-10

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 6: The Price Myth

There is a lot of belief that the price of a product is what makes the customer buy it or not. This actually could not be further from the truth. Getting a sale isn’t about the money of the product, it has everything to do with the customer believing that your product is the best one for him.

If the price of your product is too cheap, then the customer might actually be scared off because they will not see much value in the product. Discovering what the business owner/customer is trying to accomplish with his purchase, and then having the ability to demonstrate exactly WHY your product can accomplish this for him is how you will close the deal. If you begin moving the customer down in the price of your product or you go off and offer him something cheaper, he is less likely to buy your product especially if he wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on the first one.

You will begin to understand that as many price objections will be solved with a price that is actually more expensive than one with a lesser price. The biggest reason why customers hesitate to buy a product is because they have most likely made a mistake buying products before and don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Prospects are never the problem, the salesperson is the ultimate barrier to making a sale.

2016 04-28

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 5: The Most Important Sale

Sell Or Be Sold’s chapter 5 has been one of my favorite chapters to this point in the book. I believe this to be one of the most important parts of being a salesman in life.


The title of the chapter is called The Most Important Sale.


In order for you to make moves in the sale industry you are going to have to believe in the products that you’re selling. You need to have faith that the product you’re selling is actually something that can help others. You need to make this the most important sale of your ENTIRE career. When you believe in your product you will have the confidence to go out and speak confidently on it.


If you have any type of lack in conviction then you can bet you’re going to lack any type of superior production.


Your conviction has to be better than all of your competitors conviction on their product. You must be ALL IN on the product you’re selling in order for you to maximize the results.


Don’t even try selling your product to anyone until you’re completely sold on your product yourself. Another great way of proving to others that you actually believe in your product is by actually owning the product yourself. The people who are in the business of selling yet they don’t even own the product themselves look absolutely terrible and shows you have no confidence in what is is you are trying to sell them. Action speaks louder than words.


If you are totally sold on your product then money will not concern you whatsoever. Buy your product, use the product and watch others buy your product from you as well. People tend to follow people that DO things not people who SAY things.


The less you are hung up on money and how much something cost the easier money will come to you in this industry of sales.


Thanks for tuning in today for this blog post I’ll have chapter 6 up hopefully in the next couple of days.


I also want to let you all know this blog is not intended to just be about Sell Or Be Sold. This blog is a self help/personal development website. Over time I’ll be bringing other books and other life coaches/mentors into light. This has just been a book I’ve been reading lately and really want to kind of summarize it here for people to look at.

2016 04-13

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 4: The Greats

Hello my friends how is everyone out there?


We’re going to continue on with our book Sell Or Be Sold and some of the notes that I wrote down from chaoter 4.


I think chapter 4 to this point had the most details and I took the most notes from this chapter and really got a lot out of it.


Grant Cardone points out in this chapter that in order to become the absolute best in your field you need to be committed all the way. A commitment is devoting yourself completely to something.


That is the absolute truth in anything that you do in your life. In order to be truly great at anything you must devote everything you have to it.


The best way to commit to something is to eliminate all other options and devote yourself and your time to learning as much as you possibly can about the topic . You must completely stop looking at other options.


Committing is when you make your final decision and then you quit overthinking things and take massive action towards your commitment.


The people who say “the grass is greener over there” are the same people who never commit to taking care if their pasture that they already have.


People who don’t think they can take their current career to the next level or are not seeing results don’t have a career that’s the problem. THEY’RE the problem.


In order to succeed you must have a “burn the ships” mentality. You must kill or be killed.


Most people never commit like fanatics and due to this they will never become fantastic.


The ability to predict comes from assuming responsibility for the things that are happening in your surroundings and thinking that you have the ability to control it.


If you know things, then this is critical for success because knowledge is power in life.


To know mean that you will have fewer people who will turn you down and reject you especially in sales.


That is why most people don;t like their jobs. They don’t even know what they’re doing.

2016 02-29

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 3: Professional Or Amateur

Sorry for being absent for a little while on here guys.

Today I’m going to pick up with where we left off in the book Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone.


Chapter 3 is titled Professional Or Amateur?


Chapter 3 talks about how three quarters of the world’s population has no idea that the successful parts of their life they experience and their career depends solely on selling.


People also need to shift the way they thing so that they have the ability to understand that peoples dreams in life also depends very much on the ability to sell. Cardone does a good job of explaining how most people think there are limitations on being in sales, however the only limitations in sales are the ones that are in your own imagination.


The great salespeople do not have ceiling/limitations on their earnings and they know that their income is depending solely on their ability to get in front of customers, make themselves known, get agreements, close sales and reproduce those results over and over again.


One great aspect of selling is having enthusiasm, however enthusiasm is not a replacement for knowing. The person who can predict outcomes has true confidence and freedom.

2016 01-17

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 2: Salespeople Make The World Go Round

Chapter 2 in Sell or Be Sold was a shorter chapter than chapter 1 and so far has been the shortest chapter that I have read to this point, however it still gave me plenty of knowledge.


In this chapter it teaches you how if you can master the art of selling you are never without work. This is a good point to me because it’s so true. If you master the art of selling something, you’re set because there are millions of things in the world that you can sell. A lot of people who can’t sell have to depend on openings at companies to move in for what they have to offer. If you can sell, you’re literally welcomed to any company for sales.


If you learn how to control the entire cycle of selling from start to finish then you’re going to be able to do just about anything that you want to do in this world. You’ll be able to go where you want, do what you want, sell what it is you want to sell and know with complete conviction you can have whatever you want.


This was a bit of a shorter post today for chapter 2, however it wasn’t many pages in the first place. I will be back on in the next few days to post about what we learned in chapter 3.


Have a great day guys!!

2016 01-10

Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 1: Selling- A Way Of Life

How’s it going folks?


Been a little while since I’ve posted on here and wanted to come on and post a little bit about a book I’m currently reading. The book is called Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone. I’m currently on chapter 5 but I can already tell you that this book has reached out to me greatly.


Grant does a great job of explaining to you the significance of selling in your everyday life. People do not realize it but whether you know it or not you sell on a daily basis. Maybe your job title isn’t salesman but you are indeed selling on a daily basis to people.


I would like to get on here as much as possible over the course of me reading this book so that I can share what each chapter in this book is really about.


Chapter 1 in Sell Or Be Sold is title ‘ Selling- A Way Of Life’. This chapter talks about how selling impacts everyone on the entire planet. It says the more consistently you can win at selling, the more commissions you will make in your life. Everyone tends to believe that a commission means money. That is not correct however. A commission can be getting a girl to go out on a date with you. A commission can be getting an interview with a company you want to work for. It also Talks about how confrontation and putting pressure on people are tools used by amateurs in the selling industry. Selling as a profession can offer a great deal of freedom and numerous financial benefits.


I will be on here in the upcoming days to continue writing about my thoughts about the book and what it’s about.


Have a good one guys and be safe!!


2015 12-13

Motivational/Inspirational speakers

As I stated in my opening post, this website was designed to inspire people out there who need inspiration or want more inspiration in their lives. I used to be a very negative person myself, however through different motivational/inspirational speakers, reading books, listening to audios, etc. I’ve done a pretty good job of turning my mindset around for the better.


I want to give you guys a list of some of those speakers I listen to to gain motivation and inspiration on a daily basis.


The first motivational speaker is a guy named Les Brown. Maybe my favorite speaker of all time, Les Brown was declared educable mentally retarded back when he was in grade school. He is now known as one of the most successful speakers to date. If you listen to his audios he uses the phrase “it’s possible!” as his main line. You can tell he has used this phrase as a catalyst for his own life. He tells the story of how people would laugh at him when he said his dream was to be a motivational speaker. One of my buddies who was a 2.0 GPA highschool/college student has grown his Akron plumbers company into one of the most successful if not THE most successful plumbing company in the Akron area. He claims that his success is directly related to listening to Les Bown’s advice over the years.


The next speaker is Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is maybe the most well-known speaker of the list. Tony Robbins starred in the movie Shallow Hal for you movie freaks out there. I’ve ejoyed reading a couple of Tony’s books that he has had out and has sold millions of copies. The first one is Awaken The Giant Within. This book has taught me how to live my life to the fullest and how to control my thoughts and emotions. Unlimited Power and Unleash The Power Within are also two others favorites of mine that he has written.


The final person I’ll talk about for this post is Greg Plitt. I’m extremely into working out and fitness. Greg Plitt was a fitness motivator who has impacted millions of people. Unfortunately Greg died tragically after getting hit by a train but he certainly left his mark in the fitness game and motivational game overall.


I’ll be talking more and more about motivational speakers over time on this website but this is a start for people. Listen to audios and read books by these people and you will become unstoppable.

2015 12-07

The kick off of my new website

How’s it going out there everyone? My name is fifty (nickname obviously) and I’m a regular dude from the midwest trying to infuse inspiration out into the world, chilling, and hanging out with my good buddies.

I decided to start this website for inspiration and motivation purposes for people out there who are in a bit of a funk in their lives trying to find their place. I was once in your shoes and I want you to know things always work out for the better!! Keep your heads up and if you need any inspiration or motivation in your daily lives I would love for you to visit my website here.

There are going to be posts for different types of things in life that pertain to motivation. Working out, eating healthy, working on your mindset, tips for kicking habits and starting new ones.

As of right now the website is still extremely new (as you can see), so please come back in the days, weeks, months and YEARS to come for your daily dose.

P.S. I will post a contact page later for people to get a hold of me through some type of email if you have any personal questions you would like to ask me over time and I will do my best to help you guys out!! I appreciate every one of you.