The kick off of my new website

How’s it going out there everyone? My name is fifty (nickname obviously) and I’m a regular dude from the midwest trying to infuse inspiration out into the world, chilling, and hanging out with my good buddies.

I decided to start this website for inspiration and motivation purposes for people out there who are in a bit of a funk in their lives trying to find their place. I was once in your shoes and I want you to know things always work out for the better!! Keep your heads up and if you need any inspiration or motivation in your daily lives I would love for you to visit my website here.

There are going to be posts for different types of things in life that pertain to motivation. Working out, eating healthy, working on your mindset, tips for kicking habits and starting new ones.

As of right now the website is still extremely new (as you can see), so please come back in the days, weeks, months and YEARS to come for your daily dose.

P.S. I will post a contact page later for people to get a hold of me through some type of email if you have any personal questions you would like to ask me over time and I will do my best to help you guys out!! I appreciate every one of you.


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