Motivational/Inspirational speakers

As I stated in my opening post, this website was designed to inspire people out there who need inspiration or want more inspiration in their lives. I used to be a very negative person myself, however through different motivational/inspirational speakers, reading books, listening to audios, etc. I’ve done a pretty good job of turning my mindset around for the better.


I want to give you guys a list of some of those speakers I listen to to gain motivation and inspiration on a daily basis.


The first motivational speaker is a guy named Les Brown. Maybe my favorite speaker of all time, Les Brown was declared educable mentally retarded back when he was in grade school. He is now known as one of the most successful speakers to date. If you listen to his audios he uses the phrase “it’s possible!” as his main line. You can tell he has used this phrase as a catalyst for his own life. He tells the story of how people would laugh at him when he said his dream was to be a motivational speaker. One of my buddies who was a 2.0 GPA highschool/college student has grown his Akron plumbers company into one of the most successful if not THE most successful plumbing company in the Akron area. He claims that his success is directly related to listening to Les Bown’s advice over the years.


The next speaker is Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins is maybe the most well-known speaker of the list. Tony Robbins starred in the movie Shallow Hal for you movie freaks out there. I’ve ejoyed reading a couple of Tony’s books that he has had out and has sold millions of copies. The first one is Awaken The Giant Within. This book has taught me how to live my life to the fullest and how to control my thoughts and emotions. Unlimited Power and Unleash The Power Within are also two others favorites of mine that he has written.


The final person I’ll talk about for this post is Greg Plitt. I’m extremely into working out and fitness. Greg Plitt was a fitness motivator who has impacted millions of people. Unfortunately Greg died tragically after getting hit by a train but he certainly left his mark in the fitness game and motivational game overall.


I’ll be talking more and more about motivational speakers over time on this website but this is a start for people. Listen to audios and read books by these people and you will become unstoppable.

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