Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 3: Professional Or Amateur

Sorry for being absent for a little while on here guys.

Today I’m going to pick up with where we left off in the book Sell Or Be Sold by Grant Cardone.


Chapter 3 is titled Professional Or Amateur?


Chapter 3 talks about how three quarters of the world’s population has no idea that the successful parts of their life they experience and their career depends solely on selling.


People also need to shift the way they thing so that they have the ability to understand that peoples dreams in life also depends very much on the ability to sell. Cardone does a good job of explaining how most people think there are limitations on being in sales, however the only limitations in sales are the ones that are in your own imagination.


The great salespeople do not have ceiling/limitations on their earnings and they know that their income is depending solely on their ability to get in front of customers, make themselves known, get agreements, close sales and reproduce those results over and over again.


One great aspect of selling is having enthusiasm, however enthusiasm is not a replacement for knowing. The person who can predict outcomes has true confidence and freedom.