Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 4: The Greats

Hello my friends how is everyone out there?


We’re going to continue on with our book Sell Or Be Sold and some of the notes that I wrote down from chaoter 4.


I think chapter 4 to this point had the most details and I took the most notes from this chapter and really got a lot out of it.


Grant Cardone points out in this chapter that in order to become the absolute best in your field you need to be committed all the way. A commitment is devoting yourself completely to something.


That is the absolute truth in anything that you do in your life. In order to be truly great at anything you must devote everything you have to it.


The best way to commit to something is to eliminate all other options and devote yourself and your time to learning as much as you possibly can about the topic . You must completely stop looking at other options.


Committing is when you make your final decision and then you quit overthinking things and take massive action towards your commitment.


The people who say “the grass is greener over there” are the same people who never commit to taking care if their pasture that they already have.


People who don’t think they can take their current career to the next level or are not seeing results don’t have a career that’s the problem. THEY’RE the problem.


In order to succeed you must have a “burn the ships” mentality. You must kill or be killed.


Most people never commit like fanatics and due to this they will never become fantastic.


The ability to predict comes from assuming responsibility for the things that are happening in your surroundings and thinking that you have the ability to control it.


If you know things, then this is critical for success because knowledge is power in life.


To know mean that you will have fewer people who will turn you down and reject you especially in sales.


That is why most people don;t like their jobs. They don’t even know what they’re doing.

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