Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 5: The Most Important Sale

Sell Or Be Sold’s chapter 5 has been one of my favorite chapters to this point in the book. I believe this to be one of the most important parts of being a salesman in life.


The title of the chapter is called The Most Important Sale.


In order for you to make moves in the sale industry you are going to have to believe in the products that you’re selling. You need to have faith that the product you’re selling is actually something that can help others. You need to make this the most important sale of your ENTIRE career. When you believe in your product you will have the confidence to go out and speak confidently on it.


If you have any type of lack in conviction then you can bet you’re going to lack any type of superior production.


Your conviction has to be better than all of your competitors conviction on their product. You must be ALL IN on the product you’re selling in order for you to maximize the results.


Don’t even try selling your product to anyone until you’re completely sold on your product yourself. Another great way of proving to others that you actually believe in your product is by actually owning the product yourself. The people who are in the business of selling yet they don’t even own the product themselves look absolutely terrible and shows you have no confidence in what is is you are trying to sell them. Action speaks louder than words.


If you are totally sold on your product then money will not concern you whatsoever. Buy your product, use the product and watch others buy your product from you as well. People tend to follow people that DO things not people who SAY things.


The less you are hung up on money and how much something cost the easier money will come to you in this industry of sales.


Thanks for tuning in today for this blog post I’ll have chapter 6 up hopefully in the next couple of days.


I also want to let you all know this blog is not intended to just be about Sell Or Be Sold. This blog is a self help/personal development website. Over time I’ll be bringing other books and other life coaches/mentors into light. This has just been a book I’ve been reading lately and really want to kind of summarize it here for people to look at.

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