Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 7: Your Buyer’s Money

Hello there my friends. Today is the discussion in Sell Or Be Sold for chapter 7. I like the way this blog is starting to formulate as far as a personal development standpoint is concerned. I like the thought of bringing you all as much possible value to better your lives as much as possible.


Anyway,  in this chapter of Sell Or Be Sold it talks about your buyers money.


There is so much money out there in the world today. If people out there find it hard to get money from you then you are going to realize that it is extremely hard to get money from them. That’s just how it works. Money is meant to be used not to be possessed.


Since sales people know that money is meant to be spent, they tend to have a much easier time than the average person getting people to part with it.


When you love your product, as well as love yourself and your service, and you also love your customer then you will learn how to “hard sell”.


The person that you’re prospecting will always want to have more than they are going to want less.


The biggest thing about money is that it’s a mental issue not a shortage issue. People cannot get past the mental block of spending their money because they are going to think there is something out there that they should’ve spent it on instead. that is until they start to see the results.



Sell Or Be Sold Chapter 6: The Price Myth

There is a lot of belief that the price of a product is what makes the customer buy it or not. This actually could not be further from the truth. Getting a sale isn’t about the money of the product, it has everything to do with the customer believing that your product is the best one for him.

If the price of your product is too cheap, then the customer might actually be scared off because they will not see much value in the product. Discovering what the business owner/customer is trying to accomplish with his purchase, and then having the ability to demonstrate exactly WHY your product can accomplish this for him is how you will close the deal. If you begin moving the customer down in the price of your product or you go off and offer him something cheaper, he is less likely to buy your product especially if he wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on the first one.

You will begin to understand that as many price objections will be solved with a price that is actually more expensive than one with a lesser price. The biggest reason why customers hesitate to buy a product is because they have most likely made a mistake buying products before and don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Prospects are never the problem, the salesperson is the ultimate barrier to making a sale.